Volumetric Mixer Manufacturers Bureau

The VMMB organized in November of 1999, with the assistance of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) to develop (in conjunction with ASTM and ACI) a standard for which this equipment can be rated, to promote the use of this equipment through education and awareness, and to improve the professionalism of both the manufacturers and operators of mobile mixers.

Operator Certifications

Volumetric Mixer Operator Certification (VMOC)

The Volumetric Mixer Operator Certification program consists of 4 in-depth topics. The course content is based on a nationally agreed upon standard of knowledge and skills every professional Volumetric Mixer Operator should know.



ASTM Standard Specification for Concrete

The concrete industry recognized the large success of concrete mobiles. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) created a Standard Specification for Concrete Made by Volumetric Batching and Continuous Mixing designated ASTM C 685 in 1971. Learn more about the ASTM specifications.


Volumetric Mixer Facts

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the volumetric mixer industry, equipment, or applications? Read our volumetric mixer facts for answers to frequently asked questions.